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Sreelekha Mitra: Cotton burst out of the pillow, who is a nuisance in Sreelekha's house in the morning!

Sreelekha Mitra: Cotton burst out of the pillow, who is a nuisance in Sreelekha's house in the morning!

friday morning Tulkalam in an elite apartment in Kolkata. Sreelekha Mitra is furious. Because his four-legged child, Neku, has finished a cushion. A house full of cotton. Srilekha shared the video on Facebook in the morning. He wrote in the caption that he is very angry.

In the video, Neku is seen jumping all over the house. Cotton scattered all over the house. There is a black torn cushion lying on the side. A bit of cotton comes out of it. It is understood that Neku couldn't remove the remaining cotton from the cushion even if he wanted to. Besides, Neku's two brothers and sisters are running. Nekur's serious grandfather is watching the incident sitting far away. He is a foreigner again. Srilekha asked him who caused this accident. Grandfather is not willing to betray his brothers and sisters. So he sits with such a face, it seems, he knows nothing, has seen nothing. The rest are busy talking in their own language in response to mother's questions.

Neku has understood Begtik. As a result, everyone started worshiping Srilekha. But Srilekha has said that she is not loving at all. He's barking. Then Srilekha started crying and said that she can't fix anything at home. They keep everything like this. On the other hand Neku and his brothers and sisters are restless after hearing the name of biscuit. Someone's fingernail scratched Srilekha's body with enthusiasm. He said, now the nail must be cut.

However, Neku and Bahini are not willing to talk about the torn cushion for now. They took their mother to the kitchen. Breakfast time. So I want biscuits. Srilekha said, then the crow will also come. But the crow has not come to the window yet. A very sweet morning, a beautiful family, Srilekha's family.

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