The director of the film asked Priyanka Chopra to enlarge this part of the body, the actress turned red with embarrassment


Priyanka Chopra, one of the most popular actresses in the Bollywood world, has made a place in the hearts of the Indian audience with several hit films. But now he lives in the world of Hollywood. Besides, she married pop star Nick Jonas and went abroad.

Nick got another recognition by marrying Bollywood desi girl Priyanka Chopra, now he is 'National Jiju'. The two stars are very much believers in romance since their marriage. So beyond the boundaries of B-town and even in Hollywood, the kiss scenes of these two stars with their lips on the lips sometimes go viral on the social media screens. But recently, something has come to the fore regarding Priyanka Chopra, which you may be surprised to hear.

Almost every actress has been a victim of body shaming in the Bollywood world. Priyanka Chopra was not left out. The actress had to face such bad words that she gave up several projects. In fact, before the performance of a movie, her director directly told Priyanka Chopra that the actress's body did not suit the role of the movie.

The director even suggested to enlarge the small breasts of the actress by surgery. Although at first conflicted, actress Priyanka Chopra refused to do so thinking about her body. The actress even gave up several movie projects just because of her small breasts. Recently, as soon as this matter came to the fore, there was an uproar about it in the internet world.

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