This popular actress opened up about sexual harassment


This popular actress opened up about sexual harassment

She is one of the most popular actresses in South India. Worked equally in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam language films. In 2018, he won the National Award for his excellent performance in the movie Mahanati. He is none other than Keerthy Suresh. This is the first time he opened his mouth about sexual harassment in the world of southern cinema. He said, when faced with such a situation, it is better to quit acting than to work.

Keerthy Suresh Keerthy Suresh's mother and father are both people of the film world. Father Ji Suresh Kumar is a film producer, mother Menaka is an actress. As a daughter of a film family, acting in films was somehow destined for Keerti. She won acclaim for her performances first as a child artiste, then as a heroine. But now Keerthy is not talking about acting, but opening up about sexual harassment in the movie world.

Keerthy Suresh, who opened up about sexual harassment for the first time, said that even though actresses have been vocal about the issue for years, the situation has not improved. Keerthy has never had such an incident happen to her but is worried about what happened to her other colleagues.

Keerthi Suresh said, "Many people who work in the film industry have spoken openly about sexual harassment. However, no such incident has happened to me so far. No one offered me badly.

The actress said that she would not hesitate to take a tough decision if someone gave her a bad offer about giving her a chance in the cinema. Keerthi Suresh said, 'If I get such an offer, I will look for another job, I will leave the film.'

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