What is otitis media disease? Its symptoms and remedies? What is the ear disease? Its symptoms and remedies?, What is the solution for ear infection?


What is otitis media:-

Otitis media means inflammation of the middle ear. Our middle ear is connected to the pharynx by a narrow tube called Eustachian tube or auditory tube. The function of this duct is to regulate the air pressure inside the middle ear.

In any respiratory tract infection, if the duct is blocked with mucus and bacterial infection and pus occurs, it is called otitis media, commonly known as ear infection.

Causes of diseases:-

This disease is caused by viral, bacterial or fungal infection. Ear infections in children are usually caused by bacterial infections. But children can also get this disease due to cold related problems.

If a viral or bacterial infection occurs in the upper respiratory tract, the infection spreads to the middle ear through the Eustachian tube. A subsequent attack of the virus causes a build-up of fluid in the ear.

Colds, influenza and chronic sinusitis can affect the middle ear in adults. Otitis media can also be caused by contaminated water entering the ear or by scratching the ear with a contaminated object.

Symptoms :-

1. There is ringing in the ears and excessive pain is felt.

2. Difficulty sleeping, fever, loss of appetite.

3. Fluid is released from the ear.

4. Children who do not understand speech move their eardrums and constantly disturb and cry.

Prevention :-

Most ear infections get better on their own. However-

1. Amoxicillin antibiotics are generally more effective in such diseases.

2. Acetaminophen is useful for fever and ear pain.

3. Taking medicines, giving ear drops, performing ear surgery as per doctor's advice.

4. Applying a soft, warm cloth to the infected ear.

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