Is "Saturday Afternoon" being released with "Faraj"?

Is "Saturday Afternoon" being released with "Faraj"? Is "Saturday Afternoon" being released with "Faraj"? Is "Saturday Afternoon" being released wit
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Is "Saturday Afternoon" being released with "Faraj"?

Mostafa Saryar Farooqui's much-discussed movie 'Shanibar Bikkel' got permission to release on 21st January after a long delay of four years. After various dramas, a decision was made regarding its release in the Censor Appeal Committee meeting. After that, Jazz Multimedia, one of the production companies of "Saturday Afternoon", informed that the movie will be released in the country before or on the same day as the Bollywood movie "Faraj".

Hansal Mehta's 'Faraj' is releasing in India on February 3. However, the fate of "Saturday afternoon" has not yet met with the release permission letter. So will 'Shanibar Bickel' be released before 'Faraj' or on the same day?

Abdul Aziz, leader of Jaz Multimedia, told daily Our Time Online, "All the honorable members of the appeal board have seen the film 'Saturday Afternoon'." Then we learned that they have decided to release the film. But the sad thing is that we have not got the censor certificate yet. But we wanted to release it with 'Faraj'. Because the people of the country are waiting to see the film.

Is it possible to release on February 3 if you get the censor clearance? In reply, he said, 'Yes, if they (Censor Board) hand over the clearance papers to us, we will work accordingly. And we will do whatever it takes to keep our word.

Journalist Shyamal Dutta, one of the members of the Censor Appeal Committee, said, "We have seen the film and have given a verdict in favor of its release." Our work ends here. Now it is the board's job to give censor clearance. I don't know why they are delaying.

According to Censor Board sources, they have not yet received any 'green signal' regarding the release of 'Saturday Afternoon'. They are also waiting to receive a letter from the ministry. And that's why the 'Saturday afternoon' clearance does not match.

Meanwhile, producer Mustafa Saryar Faruqi said, "Brothers and sisters of Censor Board, we are still waiting for your letter. According to the law of Bangladesh, the Appellate Board has the highest authority to decide on a movie. Their decision regarding "Saturday Afternoon" is known to people all over the world thanks to national and international newspapers and television. They all stare. Send the letter quickly without delay. Let us not embarrass Bangladesh any more.'

Referring to the movie 'Faraz', he further said, 'Meanwhile, "Faraz" is releasing on 3rd. People of Bangladesh are looking forward to "Saturday afternoon". Everyone wants to watch it on the same day or an hour before "Faraj". So solve it quickly.'

It is to be noted that 'Saturday Afternoon' has been made based on the shadow of the 2016 terrorist attack on Holy Artisan in Gulshan of the capital. It starred Nusrat Imroz Tisha, Zahid Hasan, Parambrat Chattopadhyay, Yad Hourani, Nader Chowdhury, Eresh Zaker, Intekhab Dinar and many others.

On the other hand, a movie called 'Faraj' is releasing in India on February 3. It is also built around the incident of Holy Artisan. The trailer of the movie has already been released.

Late Shashi Kapoor's son Jahan Kapoor is going to make his Bollywood debut with 'Faraj'. It also starred Jatin Sarin, Aamir Ali, Juhi Babbar and many others. The movie is produced by Hansal Mehta.


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