Madan Mitra suddenly appeared at Nandini's rice hotel and gave a big order


Madan Mitra suddenly appeared at Nandini's rice hotel and gave a big order

Nandini Ganguly is again in the headlines of 'Hoteldidi'. For the past two years, he has been running a roadside rice hotel in Koylaghat area number three. But for the past few months, Nandini has gone viral thanks to YouTubers and food vloggers. His shop is full of YouTubers almost all the time. As a result, many of his customers complain that they are not getting food on time. In addition, Nandini's fight with a customer went viral due to the fact that she is being trolled. Even Nandini is threatened, she has to leave the shop. Now he is afraid that the roof will not move from his head. A few days ago Nandini cried while saying this. This time Madan Mitra, MLA of Kamarhati, came to his side.

On this day Madan appeared in Nandini's shop almost suddenly. He said he was returning from the Assembly. A school in his area has a sports day. A request came to Madan to arrange lunch for the children there. He did not understand where to order. At that time, his colleague gave information about Nandini's Pais Hotel from Facebook. That associate is also quite famous. As a result, Madan arrived at Nandini's Pais Hotel. According to Madan, the Elahi incident is going on here. At the request of everyone present, Madan also tried Nandini's pies hotel's spinach curry. He said, excellent cooking, it seems like he is eating home food.

Madan ordered three hundred plates of meat and rice to Nandini. Nandini and her family are overwhelmed by Madan's presence. Recently, Nandini was trolled in 'Didi No One'. There he said that the financial situation of the family was good during his childhood. His father had a rubber business. Two sisters studied engineering. Nandini studied fashion designing. But during demonetisation, his father's business was also closed. At that time, Nandini's father was working in an eatery in Dalhousie for two hundred rupees a day. Nandini went to Gujarat with a job to stand by her father. But during the Corona epidemic, there was a problem with his job. He returned to Calcutta.

At that time his father rented a shop and opened a rice hotel. Nandini left her job to stand by her father. Sales increase gradually. Currently the hit is Nandini's rice hotel.

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