Mahi is going to rest, will be active in politics


Mahi is going to rest, will be active in politics

Mahiya Mahi is a popular actress of Dhakai cinema. This actress entered the showbiz in 2012 through the movie 'Bhalobasar Rong'. He has given many popular movies in a career of a decade. He has also been praised. Mahi has built today's position through many ups and downs.

Currently, this actress is supposed to be resting due to the possibility of childbirth. But the opposite is happening. This heroine known as 'Agnikanya' is now busy in the field of politics. And away from acting. What Mahi actually wants, which world will he be a resident of?

In reply, Mahi said, 'People of the country know me because of acting. And the addiction of acting is also mixed in my blood. I can't leave this world even if I want to. Yes, I was supposed to be resting now. But now I will move into the field of politics and stay away from acting. Many people have raised questions about it. I came into politics with Bangabandhu in my heart. I want to be with people. Meanwhile, since the (Chapainawabganj-2 seat) by-election has come, I am working for the party on my own accord. Now the campaign is over. I will rest here.'

So what are you going to rest now? Yes, rest for now. And I have already informed the makers and producers of the works in hand that I will be completely rested during this period. Hope to be back to work soon. Everyone will pray for me," said Mahi.

Acting or politics, what world do you want to be a resident of in the future? In reply, the actress said, 'Look, I said earlier, acting is my everything. So it is not possible to stay away from this world. I want to work for people again. That requires a platform. That's why I entered politics, to serve people. Talking about the future, I want to live in both worlds. But I will reduce the acting a little. One or two jobs a year, no more. But I will be more active in the field of politics. I think the people of this country have given me a lot. Now it is time to do something for the people of the country.

It should be noted that in September 2021, Mahi married Gazipur businessman Kamruzzaman Sarkar Rakib. This actress gave the news of becoming a mother exactly one year after marriage. Then he said that he will take a break from acting for the coming child. But in the midst of this, this heroine known as Agnikanya made her name in politics.

Mahi also collected nomination papers for the ruling party Awami League in the Chapainawabganj-2 seat by-election. But from this seat. Ziaur Rahman was nominated. Since then it is seen that Mahi is working for the party. Mu. Campaigning for Ziaur Rahman is continuing in various districts and upazilas of Chapainawabganj.

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