Newly, the new story is coming to ``Closeup'' a coming-of-age story.

Newly, the new story is coming to ``Closeup'' a coming-of-age story. Newly, the new story is coming to ``Closeup'' a coming-of-age story. Newly,
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 Newly, the new story is coming to ``Closeup'' a coming-of-age story.

Time flows like time, changes everything around. Generation after generation comes with new rules, new ways of thinking. In this new day, the old approach has also changed. A new generation of 'Closeup coming-of-age stories' brings some great stories this Valentine's Day.

No one can say when someone will like it. I don't like the rules. Therefore, the number 1 toothpaste brand of the country, Close-up, has always been inspiring people to break barriers and hesitations and come to people with confidence. It is in this ideology that for the last 11 years, the brand has been running the 'Closeup Closer Story' campaign on the occasion of Valentine's Day. From the stories submitted by thousands of viewers, the best three stories are made into three upcoming films. In continuation of this, 'Closeup is the story of approaching this time' is coming this year as well.

Where there will be a different kind of story coming to the new generation in modern times. Apart from the story style, many things have changed this time. For the first time, films are being made on the director's story instead of the audience's story. Many new faces are also seen in the acting.

Amitabh Reza Chowdhury, Raka Noshin Nawar and Saqib Fahad are directing the 3 films of this year's 'Closeup Ei Bhoon Nih Asar Ghabi'.

Directed by Amitabh Reza Chowdhury, the film stars Priyanti Urbi and Tamim Mridha, a popular face of the time. Directed by Raka Noshin Nawar, the film stars Aisha Khan and Sudeep Biswas Deep. Tanjim Sayara Tatini and Shaswat Dutt star in the film directed by Shakib Fahad.

Closeup has chosen young actors to portray the coming-of-age story. Experienced directors and new generation actors are expected to create surprises on screen.

The theme song of the campaign 'Closeup is the story of the coming of age' has been created by the popular band 'Shunya'. Shoonya released this song on 26th January at their 15th anniversary concert at ICCB. During the release of the theme song, the actors of this year's coming-of-age story are also seen on stage with 'Shoonya'. At the same time, the concert was streamed live from the Facebook page of Closeup Bangladesh.

Apart from the theme song, Raif Al Hasan Rafa, Zahid Nirab and Kokil Studios have composed and composed the music for the film. 3 songs are written by Pulak Anil. Like every time, everyone is hopeful that this year's songs will resonate with the audience.

In addition to the film, there are many exciting things in Closeup's Facebook and YouTube pages. Waiting only for Valentine's Day; Keep your eyes on the TV screen and YouTube channel of Close-up to see the coming 'Closeup this time coming story'.

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