Precisely Kumar Shanu, what is the identity of this person who went viral on social media!


Precisely Kumar Shanu, what is the identity of this person who went viral on social media!

The current age is the age of social media. And in this social media internet era, everyone has the chance to become popular very easily. Whether it is one's form or gun, one can easily spread the country and reach the whole world by showing his perfection. Get name, fame and fame. Many people have got name calling by going viral from social media, they have also got opportunities in worthy places.

However, fakes are rampant in social media these days. Some are imitating the appearance of a big star, while others are imitating their voice and gestures. And one such person is now going viral on social media. He looks exactly like Kumar Sanu. From facial structure to hair style and even smile, look, everything is exactly like Kumar Shanu. This person is often seen on Instagram. Kumar made a reel video by leaping to Shanu's song. But who is he?

It is learned that the person who looks exactly like Kumar Shanu is actually Ayub Ansari. A look at his Instagram profile reveals that he is a retro singer, actor and social media content creator. This person also works in fashion designing. He is very famous on Instagram. Already the number of his fans has spread to 80 thousand. And sometimes Kumar gets caught on camera by dressing up like him in Shanu's song Ekkebar. These videos have received quite a response on social media. This person went viral overnight.

However, just as praise and fame come together on social media, so again, scorn and sarcasm also come together on the artists' foreheads. Ayub Ansari is also a victim of that sarcasm and meme. Various meme videos have already been created around him on social media. Someone posted the video and wrote, 'Kumar Shanu is like drowned in hot water'. Many have also written very harsh words.

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