Priyanka brought her daughter's appearance to the public

Priyanka brought her daughter's appearance to the public

Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra brought her daughter to the public. Priyanka's daughter was seen publicly for the first time at a Jonas Brothers event.

Priyanka's daughter was seen in various poses in her mother's arms in the pictures that spread online and in the media.

Priyanka became a mother through surrogacy last year.

Earlier, many pictures of daughter Malti (Malti) were shared on social media, but her face was not seen.

Priyanka Chopra Jonas released the picture of her daughter Malti. With a sweet smile, Khude grabbed all the attention at the first look. That picture is now viral in the net world. At the same time, another question is circulating. Who does Malati Marie Chopra Jonas look like? Father or mother...what are netizens saying?

Most of the netizens say that the girl's face is like her father's. Malti looks exactly like Nick Jonas. The Jonas Brothers were recently inducted on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Priyanka went to that event. There was unity. That's where the girl's face came out.

  With a cheeky smile, Nick-Priyanka finally released the picture of daughter Malti


In the picture, it is seen that Malati is sitting on Priyanka's lap and playing on her own, sometimes looking at the surroundings. Priyanka is practically struggling to handle him On this day, the child wears a white sweater with a beautiful white band on his head. Priyanka's daughter stole the hearts of netizens with a cheeky smile.


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