Shahrukh next to Anjali's family crushed by the car wheel


Shahrukh next to Anjali's family crushed by the car wheel

The hit and run incident in Delhi has created a panic situation across India. A 20-year-old girl was hit by a car in Sultanpuri area of the capital. Then the killer car dragged him for several kilometers. Practices are going on everywhere about the incident.

In this situation, Shah Rukh Khan stood by the family of the deceased. Anjali was the only earning member of the family. After his death, the family became very helpless. As soon as the news reached King Khan, he decided to stand by Anjali's family. It is known that money has been given to the family of the deceased by Shah Rukh's Mir Foundation. However, the exact amount paid is not yet known. Although it is known, the amount of money is much.

A person close to Shah Rukh told E-Times, "A huge donation has been given to Anjali Singh's family by Shah Rukh Khan's Meer Foundation. Because, Anjali was the only working member of the family.' The person who did not want to be named added, 'The 20-year-old young woman used to take care of her mother and siblings. That is why Shahrukh is standing by the family.

According to the report, Shah Rukh's Meer Foundation will also bear the responsibility of Anjali's mother's treatment. Shah Rukh Khan founded Meer Foundation in 2013. which was made in the name of his father Mir Taj Mohammad Khan. This voluntary organization works with the aim of empowering women.

Incidentally, Anjali Singh died in that terrible accident on the first day of the new year. He was returning home on a scooter. A car suddenly hit him. A friend who was with Anjali that night said that there were five youths in the killer car. After the impact, the car was driven away. Anjali's body was stuck under the car. After that, the car was driven for 12 km in the same way.

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