Shakib's emotional message from abroad

 Shakib's emotional message from abroad

Dhakai movie superstar Shakib Khan is currently staying in the United States. On January 17, he stepped into Joe Biden's country. And one such incident touched him very much. Which is highlighted by this hero on his Facebook.

Shakib Khan said, "I was passing through the hotel lobby. Seeing from a distance, a young man ran and hugged me. At first he was nervous to speak. After talking, I came to know that his age is about 20-21 years. He has been working in America since childhood. Even though he does very simple work, he has an extraordinary mind. The family lives in the country on the earnings of his blood.

He also wrote on Facebook, 'At the age when he is supposed to study, he left everything to build a better future for his family and relatives and took care of his family from a far away country. By working tirelessly day and night, working overtime, he is making his family smile by sending money without food. Contributing to the country's economy. This is his complacency! I could clearly see the satisfaction in his eyes.

Expressing his feelings, he wrote, 'In this glittering city, there are many eye-catching things to see. But it was the most beautiful feeling that ever touched me. In addition, we often meet strangers here. Who give me heart breaking love. A momentary look tells the feeling of happiness and sadness. If I talk to these proud people, I also get a cool peace in my mind.

The National Award-winning actor finally wrote, 'These people who are proud of my country are hiding in the corners of different cities of the diaspora. Because of them, the economy of my Bangladesh is flourishing. Maybe they don't know how much they are playing a role in building Sonar Bangla. But working silently. In my eyes these people are really real heroes.

Meanwhile, Shakib Khan starrer 'Agun' and 'Leader: I Am Bangladesh' are awaiting release. And it is known that he will return to the country and take part in the shooting of a new movie very soon.

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