Viral Nandini: The situation will not be like Ranu Mandal! Nandini burst into tears

 Viral Nandini: The situation will not be like Ranu Mandal! Nandini burst into tears

Sometimes fame becomes irony. Especially for women. When a woman bows down to the society, everyone looks at her sympathetically and gives various advices. But if a woman wants to live with her head held high even in the 21st century, nothing is a greater crime than that in the eyes of some socialites. Such is the case of Nandini Ganguly. Although her real name is Mamta, she is currently known by the nickname Nandini. He is already known to many people in the world of YouTubers and food vloggers. Often seen on YouTube, they are eating Nandinididi's hand-cooked dishes and that too sitting in her hotel.

Nandini's Bhatar Hotel is located on the footpath of Koylaghat area number 3 of Dalhousie area. The hotel is covered with a triple over the head. Aligned chair-table leaves. Nandini's parents also work in this hotel. A jean-top clad Nandini serves the daily food with her own hands. Nandini was a hotel chef in Gujarat. However, he did not become the chef of that hotel after studying hotel management. Nandini got a job due to her work skills. During the corona epidemic, there was a problem in that job mine. As a result, Nandini returned to Kolkata. At that time, he came to know that his father's business had also failed. Nandini's father opened this rice hotel in coal ghat area number 3 with some capital. He said, once in a while it happened, the wife was not married, the food had to be thrown away. Sometimes the food was distributed to beggars around Sealdah on Nandini's advice.

Slowly the sale started in the hotel. The number of customers is increasing. Nandini started working hand in hand with her father. His mother also came forward to help. But still Nandini did not know when she became viral on social media. He was supposed to leave for Gujarat with his parents on January 2 this year in search of a new job. The flight ticket was canceled. But by December 23-24, the picture changed. Nandini has gone viral. He decided to take this hotel forward. However, despite becoming famous, problems have arisen at present.

Nandini said that even though she is earning much more than before, she is currently facing multiple problems. This shop is not his own. His family has spent almost all of their savings, not just mental and physical labor, behind this rented shop for the past two years. But at the moment they are being told to leave this shop. If you leave the store, where will you go in the future? what to do Nandini cried thinking that. YouTubers from Bangladesh also came to his shop.

Meanwhile, a customer's quarrel with Nandini has gone viral. As a result it has a negative impact on them. Some YouTubers came and asked Nandini, what would she do if she was in a situation like Ranu Mondal! Currently, he is constantly being trolled because of the video of that fight. Nandini said that many customers came and misbehaved with Nandini, and even listened to two things. At two o'clock in the night, many people are calling him and asking what caused the quarrel! As a result, Nandini is thinking about the future.

He said that if he has to leave this shop at present, they do not have the slightest capital to start business in a new place. For now, Nandini is hoping for a miracle so that no one can take away the roof over her head.

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