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What is Daraj / Zero Shop BD (ZERO SHOP BD) Mystery Box?   What's in the mystery box?   Daraj / Zero Shop BD (ZERO SHOP BD) When gives the mystery box?   How to get? Those who do not have much idea about the new Daraz / Zero Shop BD ( ZERO SHOP BD ) have questions in their minds.

  ZERO SHOP BD is a new company created in sweet box of Daraj since 2022, ZERO SHOP BD and own sweet box is being offered on the web side of Daraj !!  

Mystery Box Link:  https://zeroshopbd.com/mysterybox/ 

Apart from that, ZERO SHOP BD offers good quality products at low prices. I think you can get ZERO SHOP BD for 400 Tk.


Today we will know what is Daraj / Zero Shop BD (ZERO SHOP BD) Mystery Box.   Daraj / Zero Shop BD (ZERO SHOP BD)   What's in the mystery box?   When does Daraj/ZERO SHOP BD provide mystery   box?   How to get Daraj / Zero Shop BD (ZERO SHOP BD) Mystery   Box?   about this 


Daraj / Zero Shop BD (ZERO SHOP BD) There are many types of mystery boxes.   Like Daraj / Zero Shop BD (ZERO SHOP BD) 12 rupees mistry box.   Daraj / Zero Shop BD (ZERO SHOP BD) Rs 14   Mistry Box.   Daraj / Zero Shop BD (ZERO SHOP BD) Essential Mistry Box Rs.199.   99 surprise mystery box.   Electronics Mystery   Box etc.



  Daraj / Zero Shop BD (ZERO SHOP BD) 14 rupees mistry box usually contains global products.   These global   products are customer returned products.   Besides, there are many customers who have not received their products due to the long delivery time, those products are given in Daraj / Zero Shop BD (ZERO SHOP BD) 14 rupees   mistry box.   Also, returned domestic products are provided with Daraz / Zero Shop BD   mistry box. 


Essential box mainly contains cosmetics like tissue perfume lotion etc.   Although the names of Surprise Box and Essential Box are different, the same category of products are offered here.



DARAZ / ZERO SHOP BD offers mystery box in various campaigns.   Also on special days Daraj / ZERO SHOP BD   offers mystery boxes.   Like Victory Day 16th December Pahela Boishakh etc. 


Now I will tell you how to get Daraj's / Zero Shop BD (ZERO SHOP BD) Mystery Box:-


DARAZ / ZERO SHOP BD (ZERO SHOP BD) Mystery boxes are usually in stock for 30 to 50 seconds.   So Mistry Box will do some important work before it goes live. 


For example, Daraj's / Zero Shop BD (ZERO SHOP BD) Facebook page must be followed. 


 Daraj/ZERO SHOP BD informs when the mistry box will be given on its verify Facebook page and adds the mistry box link with the post. 


Daraj/ZERO SHOP BD will announce when the mystery box goes live on its Facebook page.    If informed, so that you don't forget about the mystery box, set an alarm 15 minutes before the mystery box comes live so that you don't miss it.



You will clear the data of your Daraj / Zero Shop BD (ZERO SHOP BD) apps.   After clearing the data, enter the play store and update it, and then login the Daraj / ZERO SHOP BD app again.    If there are any other apps in the back of your phone, clear them.



 Fill your delivery address correctly and save it.   If the delivery address is wrong, you have to face many problems.   And you cannot change the delivery address after placing your order so you will have no choice but to cancel your mistry box.   So fill your delivery address correctly. 



Now enter Daraz 2 to 3 minutes before sweet box goes live.   And start clicking sweet boxes right before going live.   There is a lot of traffic due to which it will show error for the first time.   Keep clicking and you will get buy option. 


Another important thing is that there is no special trick to get Mistry Box.   Many people talk about various tricks but they are nothing but stories. 


All you need is a fast broadband connection and fast fingers to get the Mystery Box   . 



Once the mistry box order is placed you have to face another problem that is payment. 



Daraj / Zero Shop BD has various options for payment.    But most of the people in Bangladesh use Bikash to make payment, so Bikash server goes down while making payment for Mistry Box.   So you must choose Bhaksha's alternative payment method.


 You can pay by card.   If there is no card you can use another medium.   That is the rocket.   You can make payments easily with your Rocket account.



 Let's know some more important things about mistry box, which are very important:-


 Earlier there was no delivery charge on the Rs 14 mistry box but it has been charging delivery charge for some time now.


 Mistry Box Refund is not possible, Daraj / Zero Shop BD does not have any option to give mistry box refund. 


Delivery of Mistry Box takes one to three days within Dhaka and three to seven days outside Dhaka.

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