Bubli is very dedicated and passionate: Debashish

 Bubli is very dedicated and passionate: Debashish

This time one of the most popular Dhallywood actress Bubli will be seen in the movie of director Debashish Biswas. The filmmaker has signed Bubli for the first time in his film with the new film titled 'You Are Where I Am'. Debashish Biswas told Bangladesh Pratidin that the main female character of my movie is called Bijli. Bubli will suit this character very well. So I talked to him about the film. Bubli liked the story and character of the film. The film camera will open after the upcoming Eid. Hope our journey will be happy and successful.

Debashish Biswas answered the question why Bubli as the heroine, said, "My father has told me one thing - try to take whoever suits the role in the film." So I saw that among the heroines who are working at this time, Bubli would suit the character I will be working on in the film. He has been doing well since the beginning. Several of his works have been seen. Besides, I know Bubli from earlier, when she used to read news. As such, I saw his journey closely. Bubli is very dedicated and passionate towards work. He has also done some good work recently. I like it too. So all in all I have now shown that you can't work with Bubli.

Stating that the hero of the film has not yet been finalised, this Debashish further said, 'Within a week, the issue of who will be the hero will also be finalised. I am going to do a show in the US. I will come back from there and finalize the hero.

Meanwhile, heroine Bublio is very optimistic about working in Debashish Biswas' film for the first time. He said, 'Debashish Biswas is a very popular name in our film industry. Going to work under his direction for the first time. I hope we can come up with an enjoyable movie for the audience.

It has been reported that the movie 'You Are Where I Am' will be made under the banner of Nilanjana Productions. Debashish Biswas's mother Gayatri Biswas will be responsible for the makeup. Sudeep Kumar Deep will pen the lyrics, while Shri Pritam will be the music director. Emon Saha will be in the background music. Misha Saudagar, Afzal Sharif, Kabila, Rebecca, Shaheen Khan, Chikon Ali, Haroon Kissinger, Naseem Sharif and many others will play other roles in the film.

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