Earn Money From YouTube Shorts – New Monetization Feature


Earn Money From YouTube Shorts – New Monetization Feature

YouTube has finally come up with an official monetization process for shorts. In this post, you will learn about how creators can earn through YouTube shorts, the terms and conditions of earning from YouTube shorts and how this process will work.

Is it possible to earn from YouTube shorts?

If you are a regular reader of Banglatech blog, you might have already read the post about earning from YouTube shorts. In the said post we have mentioned the income from shorts fund and shorts bonus. But finally YouTube has come up with an easy way to earn from YouTube shorts.

Before 2023, there was a normal income opportunity from YouTube shorts. Over 100 million creators were previously paid through the YouTube Shorts Monetization Fund. Finally, from February 1, 2023, YouTube shorts monetization came for most creators. A new shorts revenue sharing model has arrived which will no longer require the YouTube Shorts Monetization Fund.

Ways To Earn From Youtube Shorts 2023

If you want to earn from YouTube shorts, you have to join the YouTube Partner Program. YouTube Partner Program conditions are slightly different when it comes to earning from shorts. To know more read the points given below carefully. You must agree to the terms of the YouTube Partner Program. The current YouTube monetization modules are as follows:

Watch Page Monetization Module: Generates revenue from ads displayed on long-form, live-stream and premium content

Shorts Monetization Module: Creators will earn revenue from ads that appear with content in the YouTube Shorts feed.

  Commerce Product Addendum: Although it sounds a bit complicated, this monetization module basically includes Membership, Super Chat, Super Thanks, etc.

By keeping all the modules enabled you will get maximum earning opportunities.

YouTube Shorts monetization

Now let's know what are the requirements for earning from YouTube shorts. In order for a creator to earn from YouTube shorts, creators must meet either of the following two conditions:

1,000 subscribers and 10 million valid public shorts views (last 90 days)

1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of public watch hours, on large videos (last 12 months), but watch hours from shorts do not count in this case

After applying to the YouTube Partner Program, the channel will be checked for compliance with the monetization policy. Original content must be uploaded to start monetization on any channel.

The community is hesitant about monetizing un-original videos like edited clips from movies or TV shows. Besides, the question remains whether uploading other creator's content downloaded from YouTube or any other platform will be of much use.

Every month YouTube will pay the shorts creators revenue. Some of the total revenue will go to YouTube and some will go to music licensing. Regardless of the type of music used in the shorts, the creators receive 45% of the total revenue.

How much can be made from shorts?

There is no word on how much revenue is possible from YouTube shorts monetization. So if you have a question like how much money can be earned per 1000 views from YouTube shorts, then you have to wait for some more time to get the answer.

Some say they can earn $0.04 per 1000 views. However, nothing has been officially announced about this yet.

But it's pretty sure that views depend on how much a creator can earn. Every month the creators will receive revenue which will be collected from the ads shown on the videos of the shorts creators.

Why can't monetize YouTube shorts?

Are your shorts not getting monetized after having enough subscribers or watch hours? In that case you may have posted reposted content as shorts which disqualified you from shorts monetization.

For example, if you post a clip of a TV show, or post a video of another creator, in this case, since these are not your original content, you will not be able to earn from them. Also fake views brought by bots or any other means will not count for monetization.

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