Rakhi Sawant is 'heartbroken' after getting her husband back

Rakhi Sawant is 'heartbroken' after getting her husband back Rakhi Sawant is 'heartbroken' after getting her husband back Rakhi Sawant is 'heartbrok
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Rakhi Sawant is 'heartbroken' after getting her husband back

Bollywood actress Rakhi Sawant is in the headlines again. He broke down in tears on Saturday. Sunday again lost in joy. The actress now has unlimited joy in her life. Because, husband Adil Durrani has returned to her. Rakhi himself gave this news to the media.

"There will be no more problems after this", claims the exuberant actress in front of the camera.

A few days ago, Rakhi claimed in front of the media that her husband Adil Durrani was involved in extramarital affairs. He burst into tears in front of the photographers after making this accusation against Adil. A few days after the complete change! Husband has returned to her, everything is fine now, comments Rakhir. He said, "Adil is mine, and he will be mine forever. No more problems and bitterness between us. All will be well between us now.”

He also thanked the media for saving his family. Finally, he said, "All have succumbed to the strength of the husband!"

Rakhi has opened up in front of the media many times about the marital turmoil. The telly actress broke down in tears in front of the camera while talking about her marriage being in danger. Is he acting, husband called him a joker, Rakhi told this in a tone of arrogance.

Meanwhile, Adil also attacked Rakhi verbally. In her Instagram story, she wrote, “The day I open up about her, she won't have anything to say. As he has commented that he is frozen, I can say that I don't want to be Sushant Singh Rajput either!”

Just one day after this incident, eight stars of 'Bigg Boss' fame are happy with their husband. After seeing Rakhi's incident, many people are mocking the actress on social media, saying that the whole thing is a series! This season is over, the next season is coming soon!

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