That enthusiasm still remains in Gautama In 2010, Bangladeshi actor Chanchal Chowdhury met Indian director Gautam Ghosh while working on the film Maner Manhoos


That enthusiasm still remains in Gautama

In 2010, Bangladeshi actor Chanchal Chowdhury met Indian director Gautam Ghosh while working on the film Maner Manhoos. Although there was little talk in between, the two spent a long time alone after almost an era. The 'Indo-Bangla Film Festival' was held in Delhi on February 3-5. Both of them met like this by attending that festival. There they chatted and talked about two Bengali movies. He went back to the memory of the days of the shooting of 'Miner Mansoom'.

Chanchal Chowdhury posted a selfie with Gautam Ghosh and his wife Nilanjana Ghosh on his Facebook on Monday afternoon. In it, this Bangladeshi actor wrote, 'Spending time like this with Gautamada and Boudi after more than an age. Our beloved filmmaker Gautam Ghosh remains the same spirited person. It was as if I went back to hang out at that time of 'Man of the Mind'. Thanks to the organizers of “Indo-Bangla Film Festival”.

Prothom Aloke Chanchal Chowdhury said, 'As I saw an age ago, it seemed that Dada is like that. It was understood in the conversation that the inner man has not changed. That openness, that enthusiasm still remains in Gautama.

The film 'Hawa' starring Chanchal Chowdhury was screened at the festival. Gautam Ghosh's 'Rahgir' was screened at the same festival. Both sat side by side at the festival and watched each other's movies. Chanchal said, 'I watched the film "Rahgi" sitting next to my grandfather, and my grandfather also watched "Hawa" sitting next to me. Dada praised the "air" very much. After the screening of the film, Gautama hugged me and said, "What else can I say about your performance!" The cinematography of the film is superb, the teamwork is superb.” From there I handed over Dada to film director Suman on video call. The two talked for a long time.

Chanchal Chowdhury joined the festival on February 4. Chanchal Chowdhury and Gautam Ghosh were in the same room together in the same hotel. They had the opportunity to stay like this for two nights. Chanchal Chowdhury said, 'We used to talk during the festival. Back at the hotel we used to talk till late night. He is a friend of Mamunur Rashid. He used to talk about Mamun Bhai, he used to talk about Bangladeshi movies. He was also associated with Mrinal Sen, Satyajit Ray. Talked a lot about their memories. I have learned many things from my grandfather during these two night chats.

Chanchal Chowdhury is playing the role of Mrinal Sen in the movie 'Padatik', Gautam Ghosh also reported that. Chanchal said, joining this festival has benefited him a lot for Mrinal Sen's character. Mrinal Sen once had a great friendship with Gautam Ghosh. I got to know a lot about Mrinal Sen from him. Apart from that, Mrinal Sen also met his niece Shukla Banerjee. Knowing that I was in Delhi, he came to meet me. Some of Mrinal Sen's last years passed by that niece. Learned some unknown information about Mrinal Sen from Shukla. Things will help me a lot to shoot Mrinal Sen in the next phase.

Meanwhile, Chanchal Chowdhury said that he will go to Kolkata on February 8 to work on the second phase of the film 'Padatik'. The film is directed by Srijit Mukherjee.

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