Which girl is better for marriage fat or thin girl, who is more happy if you marry a fat girl or a thin girl, how is it right to marry a thin thin girl for marriage?


Many of you want to know what are the advantages and disadvantages of marrying a girl? For them today on our website we will discuss the pros and cons of marriage not life from a very general perspective. We often want to see different types of brides to engage in the social relationship called marriage, and different types of grooms at different times.

Unfortunately or fortunately if you have seen a slim girl then if you like that girl and after liking you are wondering what are the pros and cons of marrying her then today's post is for you.

A thin girl is very strong mentally if she looks thin. So first we will discuss about the benefits of marrying any girl. I would like to tell those of you who are going to marry a slim and beautiful girl that before you get married, first understand her mental state and how that girl can maintain the same relationship with everyone.

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As a person cannot be measured from the external point of view, you need to know the news of his mind and in this case you can understand it only if you talk to him one day or communicate with him in a family way.

Moreover, slim girls look beautiful and are physically fit, so they can do various tasks quickly and there is no laziness in them. Your family life becomes very beautiful as thin girls often help in various family tasks and marrying a thin girl makes your life after marriage beautiful and many times it is convenient to have children as there are no diseases in the body. Moreover, there are many advantages of marrying a slim girl which we do not want to discuss here.

And those of you who want to know the difficulty of marrying a thin girl, know it from here. In most cases if any girl is very thin and skeletal then I would say avoid marrying such a girl. Because they are physically weak and the moment they start doing any work they become dizzy or have various physical problems.

Due to various nutritional problems in the body or due to various woman-centric problems, many times there is a problem in conceiving a child and at one time your marriage seems to be poison.

So for those of you who are deciding to marry a slim girl, you need to understand her mentality and see if there are any physical problems. So you have got to know the advantages and disadvantages of marrying a girl through today's post. But before getting married, I want to give another special advice that you must know the different characteristics of a man by seeing his mentality while getting married. If human beauty is better than external beauty then the family will be happy and your life after marriage will be full of blessings.

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