A peek through the window to see the bedroom scene, 'Khidki' web series released on the internet


A peek through the window to see the bedroom scene, 'Khidki' web series released on the internet

In today's busy world, people have very little time. In that situation, people don't always have time to stand and watch movies. And that is why the current generation is constantly leaning towards web series.

They prefer to sit at home and watch movies or web series on their phones or TV. Needless to say, since the post-lockdown period, the number of visitors to Web platforms has increased manifold.

And in that case, web platforms are also coming up with bold web series one after the other to keep their audience's mind. Ullu is one of those platforms.

Very recently, a web series full of bold and daring scenes called 'Khidki' was released on this platform. The series was released on February 24 of this month.

  The response from the audience has already started coming. A few days ago, the trailer of this series was shared from Ullur's official YouTube channel. Recently based on the source of that trailer, this bold series is currently in great discussion among some people. According to a section of the audience, this series should not be watched in front of the elders of the house even if it is forgotten, if you see it, you will feel ashamed.

The story of this web series 'Khidki' revolves around a person. He used to follow different people knowingly. Later he used to break the windows of their house on purpose.

Later, he used to record various secret scenes inside their house through the broken window on his mobile phone. Later he used to threaten and blackmail those specific people. After that he met a woman. After the meeting, the equation of the story changes.

What will happen in the end? To know, you have to watch the whole series. To be noted, in this series, many people like Rooks, Farhan Ansari, Jayashree Gaikwad, Neha Gupta will be seen playing important roles in the series.

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