Actress Aayushi crossed all limits of bravery in Lady Finger web series

Actress Aayushi crossed all limits of bravery in Lady Finger web series

As of today, OTT platforms have started to gain immense popularity in India. Producers often face problems when showing a scene in a movie. In the case of movies, there are many things starting from the censor board due to which some movies may not be released in theaters. Sometimes all these movies are released but do not do very well.

But there is no problem with this entertainment medium of mobile. Many types of content can be freely played through this mobile entertainment. That is why the popularity of all these platforms in India has increased a lot these days. Mainly after the coronavirus when people were confined to their homes, the acceptance of these mediums has come to the fore more and more. So as the number of OTT platforms in India is very high these days, so are the number of their subscribers. Today we will talk about a great show on one such platform.

Currently, the platform called Ullu has started gaining popularity in the world of OTT entertainment. The Lady Finger web series on this platform has managed to attract attention on social media. The story of this web series mainly revolves around a couple whose relationship is very bad. To say their marriage is a failed marriage at the moment. The husband is very eager to divorce his wife. At that time, the man's wife told one of her girlfriends that her husband had another woman in his life and that apart from this marriage, her husband was having an extramarital affair. Then the woman's friend advises her to bring another woman into her husband's life. You need to subscribe to Ullu platform to know what happens next in the story.

Ayushi Jaiswal played the lead role in this web series. He also played important roles in the platform's web series Akash Sukh and Palong Tor. This actress is very popular in the internet world for her bold look. Her bold pictures always create a sensation on social media. Let's have a look at the trailer of this new web series of the actress.


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