Actress Ridhima Tiwari breaks all limits of daring in scenes that will make you sweat

 Actress Ridhima Tiwari breaks all limits of daring in scenes that will make you sweat

OTT platforms are in huge demand these days People watch movies and web series on such digital platforms. Since there are no barriers in the web platform, you get many bold things in the web world. Such web series contain some violent scenes, blood, and bold scenes. These bold and hot web series are also of great interest to the audience. That's why we will talk about Ullur's Walkman web series.

The series is about a woman whose sexual needs are strong. But, the woman is not so happy with her husband in bed. Later she gets involved with other men for physical gratification. However, one of these men is his nephew. He even uses his Walkman to listen to erotic stories. Ridhima Tiwari played the lead role in the series.

Ridhima Tiwari as the lead in this series has crossed all limits in front of the camera and given several intimate scenes. Her intimate scenes are creating a lot of buzz on social media. The series is full of bold and intimate content. You can watch this series live on Ullu platform. If you have a subscription to this platform then you can easily watch this web series. But if the subscription is not taken then you may have to download from somewhere or take the subscription of this platform.

However, the way such web series are gaining popularity these days, many people are attracted to Ullu and such platforms. Not only the web series but also the trailer of this series is full of many thrilling scenes. However, don't make the mistake of sitting down and watching this web series with everyone. Definitely watch this web series in a closed room alone. Here is the trailer of this web series.

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