Adult series heroine Garima's dream remained elusive

 Adult series heroine Garima's dream remained elusive

Even after the age of 60, Satish Kaushik was working on the big and small screen. He said in an interview a few days ago, I did not get the opportunity in my twenties to do what I am doing at this age. Bolipara was saddened by the departure of Satish to the land of no return last Thursday. Garima Jain, the heroine of the adult series, is disappointed because of her departure.

Expressing grief over Sathish's death, Garima wrote on Instagram, I was selected for (Satish's) next film. He was supposed to meet her for that... but that was a dream now. Added a crying emoji.

Garima is a well-known face on television. He started working on the small screen from the age of five-six. In 1999, she appeared as Ananya in 'Balika Badhu'. Since then, he has worked in 'Mahabharata', 'Tantra', 'Shakti-astitva ke ehsas ki', 'Kabach' and 'Madhubala' in between schooling. Garima started her acting career with domestic serials like 'Balika Badhu' but gradually developed a different image.

Garima was seen in other forms in 2020 in adult web series like 'Gandhi Baat', 'XXX' and 'Twisted'. He also came in erotic series like 'Mastaram' that year. Despite doing adult serials one after another, Garima was unable to achieve major success in Bollywood films. Although in 2019, he acted in 'Mardaani 2' with Rani Mukhopadhyay. Although Rani's film was successful at the box office, it did not benefit Garima. A small role in the dark comedy 'Afat-e-Ishq' in 2021 also did not help Garima's career.

Garima has been acting for almost 24 years in the life of 29 years. After so many days, he was hoping for a big success under Satish's direction. But even that got in the way of destiny.

Garima did not say who else lived with Satish, even though she told him to work under her direction. However, due to Satish's death, his career has suffered a bit of a shock, he explained in his Instagram post.

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