"After Manna left, the battle of my life started"

"After Manna left, the battle of my life started" "After Manna left, the battle of my life started" "After Manna left, the battle of my life started
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 "After Manna left, the battle of my life started"

Manna is the popular actor of Dhakai films. This one-time dhalwood king went to the land of no return on February 17, 2008 leaving countless fans in a sea of grief. His memory is carried by Manna's wife and children.

Manna's wife Shelly Manna posted a status on the Facebook page of her production company Kritanjali Films stating that she had gone through a tough struggle of mental and self-esteem.

Shelly Manna wrote, 'After Manna's departure, the struggle of my life began. At the same time, the close people also become strangers forever. During Manna's lifetime, he spoke the most truthful words about the humanity and sincerity of people, which I now understand. Today we are very vocal about the observance of religion, but how many of us actually observe it with human values and sincerity, religion and faith?'

Shelly Manna has put such questions to the people of the society on Facebook.

Shelly Manna established Manna Foundation in 2009 to preserve the memory of Nayak Manna. The 'Manna Foundation' was formed in April 2009 through a press conference at the Manna Digital Complex in FDC, with a board of trustees, executive committee and about 40 members, media and society's distinguished advisors. It continued its activities until 2014, but it was stopped later due to unrest in the country. Currently, the activities of the organization have started again.

In this context, Shelly Manna said, our 'Manna Foundation' is now much ahead of the way it was working. We have restarted the activities of the organization across the country. I have started collecting members. Also we are supporting those who want to branch the organization outside the country.

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