Age is just a number! Debashree Roy's dance to superhit Bengali song on public stage, viral video


Age is just a number! Debashree Roy's dance to superhit Bengali song on public stage, viral video

Debashree Roy is a popular face of Bengali cinema world. He starred in a succession of hit movies in the eighties. His first journey in the world of cinema began with the movie 'Pagal Tagore' (1966). She first acted as a heroine in the film 'Nadi Todi Sagare'. However, she became known throughout the country with Aparna Sen's '36 Chowrangi Lane' (1981). He even acted in a Hindi movie called 'Jio To Aise Jio'. His dance in the song 'Kolkata Rasgola' is still remembered by the audience. There is an unknown story behind this.

Recently she was seen in Zee Bangla's reality show 'Dance Bangla Dance'. In the presence of 'Mahaguru' Mithun Chakraborty (Mithun Chakraborty) on the stage of the reality show, it was as if Chander Haat was sitting. On that day, actress Debashree was seen swaying her waist with 'Deepanvita Kundu' on the stage of 'Dance Bangla Dance' in the song 'Bajal Jee Ghunguru'.

Even at the age of 61, the audience was surprised to see him performing the dance. Where many up-and-coming actresses are inept at dancing even after trying so hard, how did Devashree dance perfectly after all these years? This question starts to arise in everyone's mind. Although behind this is Devashree's long work. There is a long story behind the sophistication of dance. Let's take a peek at that story.

do you know She is not only a good actress but also a great dancer. He danced to his mother and elder sister Purnima. After that he decided to establish 'Nataraj' Namal Dal in 1991 after taking training in Odisha dance. Under that decision he did so in the same year. After that, the dance drama 'Basavadatta' based on Rabindranath Tagore's poem 'Avisar' was staged for the first time. Due to this, he got quite popular and got appreciation by presenting 'Swapner Anande' on stage. He didn't stop there. Initiated to present 'Bichitra' on the stage of the European continent. Due to his actions, Devashree won great praise.

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