'Alienism is seen as bad in our country'


'Alienism is seen as bad in our country'

Popular Tollywood actress Isha Saha continues to work equally in both OTT and cinema screens. Outside of work, he repeatedly made headlines with his love affairs. The actress is very upset to talk about this issue at various times. In an interview, he said that he does not want to give a different name to alienation, he said that it is also called love.

Today Friday (March 17) this actress' film 'Gharre Ferar Gun' was released in Kolkata cinemas. Isha played the role of Tora in it. Who falls in love with Parambrata as Emraan. Her husband could not naturally accept this relationship of married bouquet. This is how the story of the film is developed with the tension of the relationship. The question was, will the film tell the story of alienation?

Isha said, "Alienation is a special thing for people. Alienation is seen as bad in our country. Well, love can be called alien? I believe that love can happen to anyone at any time. I think it happens to many people in our country. Many bravely come out of the marriage. no one can Someone compromises. Some remain in fear of society. And no one wants to admit love.

In his words, 'it is important to me to be well. Let the world burn. I died because of the fear of society, it has no meaning. I don't exactly see it as alien. It is very easy to give titles like this.

Incidentally, Isha Saha started her television career with Star Jalsa's 'Jhanjh Labanga Phool'. A few years later, he made his film debut with the film Prajapati Biscuits. After that, Isha became a popular face in the web world. Apart from this, the 'Sweater' famous actress continues to act regularly in movies.

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