Asfi Javed: Urfi's sister in a brunch look, Asfi caught the eye in blue shorts


Asfi Javed: Urfi's sister in a brunch look, Asfi caught the eye in blue shorts

Urfi Javed is the controversial queen of social media. Controversy will rage wherever he stays. Urfi Javed is often practiced for his unbridled speech and clothes.

Just by scrolling through the pages of social media, some news about Urfi Javed comes into view. However, this report will not talk about the actress, but about her sister Asfi Javed.

In the form of Asfi Javed, she can definitely beat Bollywood's top actresses. He is a vlogger by profession. His number of followers is not less.

He also has a huge following on social media, which is evident from his account. Her dressing sense is just as great as her sister's. Like Urfi and Dolly Javed, she is also a social media sensation. Any picture or video shared by him goes viral instantly.

He is quite active on social media pages. The number of his fans on the internet is eye-catching. Netizens' attention is drawn to her dress, clothing style. Her appearance is spreading warmth on the pages of social media.

Many people are waiting to see his blog. Recently, her branch look is viral all over the net world. In the recent viral jhal Asfi is seen getting ready in front of the camera. At first he was in home clothes, but later he gradually got dressed in front of the camera.

On this day, he was seen in light blue shorts, white sleeveless top and blue over size shirt. Along with light makeup, she also tied her hair in a bun with a matching blue ribbon. For now, Asfi has caught the attention of some with her latest look. Impressed the fans too.

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