Ekushey medalist dancer Zeenat Barkatullah in ICU

Ekushey medalist dancer Zeenat Barkatullah in ICU

Ekushey medalist dancer Zeenat Barkatullah has been admitted to hospital. He was kept in the intensive care unit (ICU) for five days due to brain hemorrhage and lung infection. The news of his illness was reported by actress Bijri Barkatullah. He gave a post on Facebook about his mother's physical condition.

Bijri wrote, 'According to the various test reports, Amma's physical condition is changing every time. This is good and this is very bad. At first I used to be very happy to hear some good words, but now I can't be so happy. Why should fear and apprehension work in the mind, again not knowing what news to hear.'

He wrote, 'My mother has been in ICU (once with life support) three times due to this. I had to take big immediate decisions of life and death alone standing in front of the ICU. By the grace of God and with the full support and cooperation of doctors, he has regained a new life in the last two times. He had to endure inhuman suffering physically and mentally. After spending time in such a situation, I and our whole family have almost obtained a PhD by searching all the activities of Amma's complete treatment on Google.

Bijri also wrote, 'My mother is the center of the family. After my father passed away due to corona virus, I realized that I am spending my life clinging to my mother like a child without a big roof over my head. All his problems are said to be post covid complications. From where the lung is half functioning, brain stroke three times, sleep apnea at alarming level, kidney cretinin now 4.2, sugar and pressure high, electrolyte imbalanced, along with severe depression. Maintaining and taking care of it with so many problems is not a low risk hassle. Still we did not neglect and waver in the treatment of Mar. He now has a fever due to the infection, is on oxygen and is very disoriented. Doctors call it septicemia.

He writes, I am writing these words while standing outside the ICU. Putting my life into the device, I am counting the time like a helpless person. Here the head does not work, time seems too long. All the achievements of the world fail here. How many experiences, how many expressions of people's helplessness are accumulated in this corridor. Even before my own eyes. Everyone says the same thing when they see the doctors - be patient, they are trying, let's see, pray. Only one doctor told me, if there is even one percent chance you don't lose patience. Counting that percentage over the last two years, I discovered myself to be a very patient woman. With this patience I have to win the battle this time too. InshaAllah, God help.'

It is to be noted that Zeenat Barkatullah started learning dance from dancer Gazi Alimuddin Mannan at the age of four. Bulbul also studied dance at the Lalitkala Academy. Zeenat Barkatullah joined the University's Performing Arts Academy after completing his post graduation from the Social Welfare Department of Dhaka University. He later joined Shilpakala Academy as the director of the production department under the music and dance department. He worked there for 27 years.

In 1980, Zeenat Barkatullah started her acting career with BTV drama 'Maria Amar Maria'. After that, he acted in several TV dramas including 'Ghare Bayre', 'Astahayi Nibas', 'Bara Bari', 'Katha Bala Maina'. Zeenat Barkatullah received Ekushey Padak in 2022 for her contribution to dance. Zeenat Barkatullah's husband, TV personality Mohammad Barkatullah, died of coronavirus on August 3, 2020.


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