Ferdous-Shapla-Adhara on the banks of Padma with 'Dakhin Duar'

 Ferdous-Shapla-Adhara on the banks of Padma with 'Dakhin Duar'

The shooting of the movie 'Dakhin Duar' is going on on the banks of the Padma in Shivchar, Madaripur, about the life struggle of the people of the southern region including the people of the Padma, the previous scenario of the Padma Bridge, the current scenario and the development picture.

Directed by Syed Ahiduzzaman Diamond, the film features National Film Award winning actor Ferdous, actress Simla, Adhra Khan and many talented artists. The director has chosen Shibchar upazila of Padmapar to highlight the lifestyle of the people of southern region in the movie. A house across the river has been chosen as the shooting spot. For the past few days, people from the surrounding area have been flocking to the shooting spot to watch the shooting on the banks of the Padma.

Talking to the concerned people, it is known that the shooting of the movie is going on in various areas of Kanthalbari Union of Shivchar on the bank of Padma river for the past few days. It is said that the movie will highlight the plight of the people of the southern region, the future scenario, the development picture and the possibilities before the Padma Bridge is launched. In the movie, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's firm steps and strong leadership will open the southern door through the Padma bridge and the image of connecting the north and the south will emerge. Shibchar Upazila across the Padma has been chosen to highlight the lifestyle of people in the southern region. The development picture of Shivchar will also be shown.

Several artists including director, actor Ferdous, actress Simla, Adhara are working on the scene of the movie at the house of Siddique Fakir, a village adjacent to Kathalbari Old Ferry Ghat. The shooting of the movie is going on in two shifts every day from morning to late night. Before this, the shooting of the movie took place on boats including ferries and speedboats on the Padma river. The pictures of people going to South Bengal or people crossing the river have been shot.

The people concerned said that the story of the film will proceed with the plight of the people of the southern region. Almost entire scenes of the movie will be shot on the banks of Padma in Shivchar. People of different ages including children, teenagers, women and old people from the surrounding areas flock to Osman Beparikandi village to see their favorite actors and actresses up close.

A local visitor Alim Mia said, today because of the Padma Bridge, movies are being shot in our area. We also came to see the shooting in a group. It is very nice to see the favorite heroes and heroines so closely.

Another visitor said that the Prime Minister has removed our misery by building the Padma Bridge. Today, because of this Padma Bridge, the film's heroes and heroines can easily come to our area for shooting. It is a matter of pride for us.

Adhra Khan, the actress of the movie said, I feel very happy to come here to shoot across the Padma Bridge. Shooting a good movie. Director Diamond Bhai is also a good person. I like working with him.

Actress Shimla said, I am shooting a good movie after a long time on the banks of Padma. The story of the movie is very good. I also liked my character very much. I have been in Shivchar for the past few days. The people here are very nice. We are people of the soil. And the smell of the earth here is very beautiful.

Actor Ferdous said, it feels amazing. This is the first time I crossed the Padma Bridge and came to shoot on the banks of the Padma. Earlier we went through Arichaghat to the southern districts. Coming through this route was very painful. Where we are, this Shivchar seems to me to be one of the best upazilas in Bangladesh. I have never seen such an organized upazila. We have been shooting for Wahiduzzaman Diamond Bhai's movie 'Dakhin Duar' for a few days now. This is my third film with Diamond Bhai. Such is the story of the movie that the south door opened. The rest can be seen as a movie.

The director of the movie, Syed Ahiduzzaman Diamond, said that the movie Dakhin Dua will actually talk about the people of the southern region. Talk about the people of Shivchar. We are thankful to all of you for being able to work here beautifully with your help. Here we are getting support. Working on the banks of the Padma, I feel very good. And when talking about the people of the southern region, Padma Bridge will come first, it is natural.

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