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Gold trader Arav Khan is the brother of hero Amin Khan?


Gold trader Arav Khan is the brother of hero Amin Khan?

Bangladeshi film actor Amin Khan's family is in a state of embarrassment over Dubai's gold merchant Arav Khan. Several media reports have revealed that Aarav Khan, a gold trader, is the younger brother of Amin Khan. But no one in his family has ever seen this person, even heard his name for the first time.

When we contacted the actor online about this, he said, 'It has become clear now. I have already said in various media that he is my brother, he is distant, none of us know him. We got to know about him in the news of the media.

Amin Khan said, "Many mistakenly consider him as my brother, I feel very embarrassed. Actually my brother's name is Ashraful Islam. He acted in a movie. There his name was Aarav. Because of this, some people think he is my brother. This is false news. Everyone's mistake needs to be redeemed.

Amin Khan said, his brother is an advertisement maker. Made some plays and telefilms. He also acted a little. Ashraful acted in one movie early in his career. The name of the movie is 'Bhalobasle Dosh Ki Tate'. Which was directed by A Q Khokon. In that movie, the name Aarav Khan was used in the words of the director. Since then many people know his brother as Aarav Khan rather than Ashraful.

Amin Khan said, 'The issue has become a matter of dignity. Many are calling. It is important to correct everyone's mistakes. I will say - no one will be confused. Because, now the way the news is done online, many people take lies as truth.

Note that Amin Khan has three brothers. Apart from Ashraful Islam, he has another brother, whose name is Ariful Islam. All three brothers live in Dhaka.

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