Golden snake on exposed breast! Viral Urfi again in new clothes


Golden snake on exposed breast! Viral Urfi again in new clothes

At last, Urfi Javed, who is famous for social media, made clothes wrapped around a snake! What are you surprised? No reason to be surprised. Because urfi means anything is possible, at least when it comes to clothing. Because, he has made clothes with such things that no fashion designer could ever imagine.

He designs his own clothes. And because of that he does not have to face less scorn. The list of materials from which his clothes are made includes jute sacks, stones, paper, electric wires, etc. And this time he crossed the limits of everything and made clothes out of snakes. No, don't worry, it's not a real snake.

Urfi has actually made this dress in the shape of a snake out of cloth. The video has recently gone viral on social media. Where snakes are seen coiled around her navel and above her breasts. Although not genuine as it has various gems on it. However, netizens made various comments after seeing it.

As one person wrote, 'Be careful that the snake does not enter any hole in the body.' And according to another, 'Sometimes you can come out in full dress.' But it doesn't matter what anyone says. he As time goes by, his clothes seem to be getting more and more strange.

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