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Watermelons are abundant in the market now. Juicy and sweet, this fruit is enough to satisfy both body and mind. Apart from keeping the body cool in summer and reducing dehydration, watermelon has many other health benefits.

Watermelon helps in weight loss, improves eye health, improves liver function, improves muscle and nerve function, and boosts immunity. So health experts advise to eat watermelon in summer.

But the problem is that as easy as eating watermelon is, buying it is not that easy. To get the real taste of watermelon, you need to know the good watermelon. If the watermelon you buy from the market is not good, the pleasure of eating it can be dull. So here are some ways to recognize a good watermelon.

* Select normal shaped watermelons. Oversized watermelons mean that the plant did not receive enough water while in the field. Abnormal spots on watermelon may indicate the presence of insects or fungi.

* Choose round watermelons over oval ones. Oval or oblong watermelons may have more water, but may be tasteless. Round watermelons are usually sweet.

* Don't be fooled by the bright colors on the outside. Ripe watermelons are usually dark, black in appearance. If it is shiny and bright in color, it is a raw watermelon.

* Take the watermelon in hand and try it. If you see that the watermelon is heavy according to its shape, then you will understand that it is ripe and juicy.

* If you look at the opposite side of the watermelon, you will see yellow spots or yellow spots. This is the ground spot. That is, due to long time in the land, yellow spots are formed. Larger yellow spots mean the watermelon has been in the ground longer to ripen and will be sweeter. And if the opposite side of the watermelon is white, it should be understood that the watermelon has been removed while it is still raw. However, some watermelons may not have ground spots.

* If the yellow part of the watermelon has black or brown spots, the watermelon is more likely to be sweet.

* Tap on watermelon to identify good watermelon. Although this technique is subjective, it is still a popular method for many to identify a good watermelon. If there is a hard or clanking sound when tapped, the watermelon is usually good. Also feel the vibration under your hand when the watermelon is good.

* Note the droplet portion of the watermelon. If the drop is dry, you will know that the watermelon is ripe.

* It is better if you cut the watermelon before buying it. In this case choose dark red and brown or black beach melons. Avoid watermelons with white streaks and white spots inside.

Source: Healthline

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