If water enters the ear, what to do if water enters the ear?, what to do if water enters the ear, what to do if water enters the ear while taking a shower?


If water enters the ear, what to do if water enters the ear?, what to do if water enters the ear, what to do if water enters the ear while taking a shower?

Whether in the bathroom or in the pool, water often enters the ear while taking a shower. Which creates a very uncomfortable situation. Even trying to get the water out by putting your fingers in your ears or shaking your head doesn't always work. However, if water accumulates in the ear for a long time, it can cause various problems.

Ear water can be removed easily through some very simple home remedies. Let's get into the details.

Shake the earlobe: This method will easily drain the water from the ear. Tilt your head towards the ear that has water and gently pull or shake the earlobe.

Lie on your side: Lie on your side towards the ear that has water in it, place a towel under the ear and lie down for a few minutes. You will see water coming out of the ear slowly.

* Apply pressure to the ear: Tilt the head towards the ear where the water has entered. Then place the palm over the ear and apply pressure. Remove the hand with pressure. You will see some water coming out. Do this several times. It will work like a vacuum and water will come out.

Use a blow dryer: The heat of the blow dryer will help turn the water inside the ear into steam. But when using a blow dryer, be sure to hold it about a foot away from the ear and use the dryer's lowest setting. Gently pull the earlobe and allow the warm air of the hair dryer to enter your ear. Do not hold the blow dryer in one direction in front of the ear, move it back and forth.

Use alcohol and vinegar ear drops: Alcohol helps evaporate earwax. Moreover, it inhibits the growth of bacteria, which helps prevent infections. And if the water is stuck in the ear due to dirt, vinegar helps to remove it. Mix equal amounts of alcohol and vinegar in a bowl. Then put three or four drops of the mixture into the ear and gently rub the outside of the ear. After waiting for 30 seconds, tilt your head to the side where the water has entered the ear. You will see water coming out. However, if you have an ear infection, perforated eardrum or any other ear problem, do not use this drop.

Use olive oil: Olive oil helps prevent ear infections and can easily drain water from the ear. Heat some olive oil in a pan. Then check the temperature and apply a few drops of oil in the affected ear with a clean dropper. Leave it for 10 minutes and tilt that ear to one side. You will see that oil and water will come out together.

Usually, water that is trapped in the ear comes out in a short time. If there is a complication of water retention for more than 24 hours, consult an ENT specialist i.e. ear, nose and throat specialist as soon as possible. Do not try to remove earwax by using any unhygienic object including cotton, pin, cotton bud, finger. The inner parts of the ear are quite sensitive.

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