Is Ileana really banned in southern films?


Is Ileana really banned in southern films?

Ileana D'Cruz, the popular actress of Dakshini films, has made it to Bollywood as well. But this time, there are whispers that this actress has been banned in her Antur Ghar Dakshini film. It is said that such measures have been taken against him for not coming to the shooting even with the full amount.

According to sources, Ileana did not come to shoot for a Tamil film even with full money. As a result, the producer of the film suffers a huge loss. However, no statement was received from the actress in this regard. So now Ileana is really banned in southern films? Or will this incident be limited to rumours.

A few months ago it was heard that Ileana was ill. He gave a picture of himself lying in a hospital bed. He had to be admitted to the hospital due to reduced water content in the body. At that time, about three bottles of saline had to be given to the actress. Later, however, he informed about his health, he is stable.

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