Kajol is showing signs of becoming a mother at the age of 48, Ajay can become a father again

 Kajol is showing signs of becoming a mother at the age of 48, Ajay can become a father again

The Bollywood glamor world and various relationship controversies are like flip sides of the same coin. Every now and then various relationship rumors become trending on social media. In one word, this Bollywood world is a collection of various mysteries. There are some relationship rumors in Bollywood which may not be known in the end. But now in the world of social media, whenever any news is leaked, it becomes the center of discussion in an instant. In fact, netizens are very curious about their favorite stars' careers as well as their personal lives.

Ajay Devgan and his wife Kajal are always in the limelight in the Bollywood world. From the two stars' style statements to luxurious lifestyles, everything is a matter of curiosity for netizens. That's why this star couple of Bollywood sometimes comes in the headlines. Ajay Devgan may not lack anything in his life. On the one hand success in Bollywood career and on the other hand he is living a very happy life with Kajol. But in the meantime, several pictures are going viral on social media, which netizens are thinking that Ajay Jaya is pregnant.

In fact, these days stars are always in the eye of the camera lens. Kajol has reached the age of 48. Recently, a video has gone viral where Kajol's baby bump is visible in a tight dress. Seeing this, many people were saying that maybe Kajol, Ajay is giving Devgan the happiness of becoming a father again. But let us inform our readers that this picture is completely false. Such confusing pictures are made through computer editing.

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