Lakshmi's locket in open dress, Taapsee of controversy


Lakshmi's locket in open dress, Taapsee of controversy

Bollywood actress Taapsee Pannu likes to break the charts as always. Due to this, he has to wear various clothes. She was recently seen as a show stopper for designer Manisha Jaisingh for an advertising agency. There, this Bollywood actress is in trouble with Lakshmi locket hanging around her neck.

According to a report by the Indian media Hindustan Times, the controversy started with a picture posted by Taapsee Pannu on the social media account Instagram.

Recently, Taapsee was framed in an outfit designed by designer Manish Jaisingh at the Lakme Fashion Week. She was dressed in a red deep neck gown with a necklace around her neck.

Although everything is fine, netizens have objected to Taapsee's necklace. It can be said that the uproar has started all over India. Because, the necklace has the sculpture of Hindu goddess.

One wrote, 'Maa Lakshmi is held by the neck in such a vulgar film, a direct insult to Hinduism.'

A person named Kapil wrote, "No shame in insulting Hinduism."

Demanding Taapsee's punishment, one wrote, 'It was not in your conscience to wear Maa Lakshmi's necklace with such obscene clothes. They need to be punished. Even though there is a strong debate on the issue, Taapsee has kept a tight lip.

It should be noted that Taapsee has several movies in hand. Among them is 'Jana Gana Mana', 'Alien' in Tamil language. Hindi language 'Danki', 'O Ladki Hai Kaha'.

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