Leopard is eating loot with joy seeing tiger, viral video at storm speed

Leopard is eating loot with joy seeing tiger, viral video at storm speed

"Paye padi bagh mama, karo nako raga mama, you knew who was in the house"- No, here the tiger was not at all afraid of mama, but it would be wrong to say that he was not at all afraid, at first he got a little scared and ran away, then after the tiger came near. Cheetah Seki Ananda. No, this is not a story, it really happened. Tiger videos are almost always seen going viral on social media but it is rare to see such a funny and cute video that is so ferocious, and especially where there are two deadly beasts in the same video. People cannot imagine that there will not be a fight between the two.

But these two animals completely disproved the people's idea about tiger and leopard. Again the two met together, but the tiger uncle turned him around in anger, but the leopard tiger was lying on the ground in love. What happened after that is unclear as the video ended before that. Funny videos on social media do not go viral, especially when it is a matter of spending time, people go to various social media platforms and search for such funny videos.

Forest department official Sushant Nanda shared the video and captioned it, such encounters between tigers and cheetahs are rare. He also wrote, Do you think they will go back to peaceful coexistence without attacking each other?

The video reached millions of people and many answered the official's questions. Lots of likes comments and views. The video shows a rather lanky-looking tiger sitting on the side of a road in a dense forest. The tiger is suddenly looking at a leopard in the bush for a long time and the leopard is rolling on the ground as the tiger approaches the leopard.

But will they not fight? Or did the next fight? Which is not shown in our video. The video was shared on February 22. The comment box is filled with various comments, did you miss watching the video? Then watch this amazing video on our Hoophaap page-


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