Madhumita Sarcar: Madhumita shared this video from the hotel room


Madhumita Sarcar: Madhumita shared this video from the hotel room

Madhumita Sarcar is one of the 'heartthrob' heroines of the current generation in the Bengali cine industry. This actress often makes her fans intoxicated by her enchanting beauty.

Sometimes many people get stuck in the illusion of the hidden folds of his body. He is very active on social media. Sometimes a traditional saree, sometimes another style of clothing that fits - this Tanvi is often seen in various forms and outfits on social media.

  Fans wake up just seeing him. Everyone's eyes are stuck on his neat appearance.

This is what happened at the beginning of summer. The 'bird' of the screen warmed the body and mind of the devotees with the heat of their form and youth. A bold look video of the actress on Instagram is now going viral among netizens.

Madhumita is seen in this video but she did not post the video from her profile. The video was posted by an Instagram page called 'Tolly Planet Bangla'.

In this video, the actress is seen in a deep neck backless loose Thai-slit gown with narrow straps in light green color. Because the 'cut' of the chest part of this dress is deep, its obvious 'cleavage' has been caught there. Besides, the fair surface of the actress has been exposed. She has become more attractive with suitable makeup on her face, nude lipstick on her lips, open hair.

This video was shot under yellow lights in a hotel room. In the video, the actress shows off her body to the beat of a catchy Hindi song. Every second has the exuberance of his unbridled youth.

His fans are sweating after seeing this video. Many have filled the comment box with emojis of fire, fascination and love. Someone wrote again, "Wow, what's it like to see you"; Another wrote, 'I feel the intoxication of your body just by looking at you'. Some also called him 'Pom-Pom'.

Incidentally, Madhumita has one job after another this year. He was recently seen in the film 'Dilkhush'. His eloquent performance as a lead character in this film has caught the attention of the audience. A few more are said to be in the works.

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