Nifty's answer with bold pictures and excellent hints

Nifty's answer with bold pictures and excellent hints

Three days ago. It was half past twelve at night. In the middle of the night, the actress Nipun suddenly appeared in a broken form. He posted a picture on his Facebook account and wrote 'Good night'. In the picture wearing short gowns, the aspect of showing the appeal of Nippon's body has gained prominence.

As a result, followers poured into the comment room. And everyone's comments are amazing. Because such an adept has not been seen in the past. Actor Omar Sani also joined the procession of netizens. He wrote, "I don't understand".

The question-curiosity was peeping in everyone's mind, why did Nipun suddenly do a photo shoot in such a bold avatar? Finally the actress revealed the secret. He said, this is a screen test picture of his new movie.

Nipun appeared at the opening ceremony of the country's new OTT platform 'iScreen' on Thursday (March 16) evening. It is there that the media workers want to know about the photo shoot that appeals to him. He also replied without avoiding the topic.

Nipun said, 'I did this photo shoot in Kolkata a month ago. I gave a screen test for a movie. I shot according to the character. This picture is from then.

This much is clear about Nipun, he is going to work in Kolkata cinema. But what is the name of that movie, who is producing it or who is the co-artist, he wants to keep these in his heart for now. He commented, "I have a prohibition to say." Let it be a surprise. I will tell everyone in a few days.

Nipun himself did not think that he would get so much response from netizens. However, most of the responses are filled with negative connotations. What does the general secretary of the Film Artists Association think about this? Nipun's reply, 'I have heard a lot of criticism around the selection of the committee. Now I don't care about small criticism like that. But I think, I don't feel bad at all.

Incidentally, at one time the busy heroine of the movie was skilled. Long breaks in between. Then come to the discussion as a candidate in the election of artists association. He currently has several new film projects lined up.

Nipun was last seen in the movie 'Bhagya' which released in February. His hero is Munna. The film did not generate much response.


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