Nokia will launch 4G Internet service on the moon!


Nokia will launch 4G Internet service on the moon!

Plans to make the moon habitable have been going on for a long time. Internet service is an important factor in that plan. And with this goal, the famous Finnish telecommunications company Nokia is planning to install 4G Internet service on the moon at the end of this year.

Nokia Chief Engineer Luis Maestro Ruiz de Temino made this announcement at the Mobile World Congress held recently in Barcelona. Nokia hopes that if it is possible to provide 4G internet service on the moon, it will help the research on the moon.

Nokia will use a rocket made by SpaceX to send antennas to provide 4G internet service to the moon. The antenna for 4G Internet will be placed on a Lunar Lander called Nova-C, which is being developed by the US company Intuitive Machines. There are also plans to send a solar-powered rover to the moon with this antenna. Nokia has already tested the entire network technology. They are hopeful that this entire project will be completed by 2023.

An LTE connection will be provided between this rover and the lander through which it will be possible to easily collect more information about the moon. This technology is being developed in such a way that all components can easily withstand the adverse weather conditions of space. All this technology is planned to be placed in the crater called Shackleton on the south side of the moon.

This 4G network will be used by NASA's future Artemis 1 mission. NASA plans to send humans to the moon again in the future with the Artemis 1 mission. If this mission is successful, it will be the first time since 1972 that a NASA astronaut will walk on the moon again. Using this network, astronauts will be able to easily communicate with each other, and even make live video streams and calls. By deploying this network, Nokia wants to prove that it can easily build communications technology for all future space missions.

By establishing a 4G network, Nokia will mainly help in new research on the ice on the surface of the moon. The existence of ice on the moon was recently discovered which is a breakthrough discovery. Using this ice, it is possible to easily obtain food water, rocket fuel or oxygen, which can help astronauts on the moon in the future. Basically, the Internet is a must for the future plan of human habitation on the moon to be successful. Nokia was the first to take steps to establish an Internet network on the surface of the Moon, which could facilitate all future missions to the surface of the Moon.

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