Omar Sani replied to Mamunur Rashid for Hero Alam

 Omar Sani replied to Mamunur Rashid for Hero Alam

Filmmaker Omar Sani has responded to actor, theater director and organizer Mamunur Rashid's comment that 'famine of taste is going on, through that famine Hero Alam has emerged'.

He responded by posting on his verified account on social media Facebook around 5:30 pm on Tuesday.

Omar Sani said in a Facebook post, "Elder brother Mamunur Rashid took Alam's name only, it is in music, in acting, in art, in writing, on the stage of politics." Afraid to take their names, only found hero Alam with the smell of earth. And they don't take the name big brother (sir) because they wear perfume.'

After Mamunur Rashid's comments, Ashraful Alam aka Hero Alam took to social media. He said on Facebook live on Monday, 'Since the taste of the people of the country is being ruined because of me, you could have made me if you wanted. Then people's taste would not be spoiled. 18 crore people in Bangladesh, if everyone's taste is spoiled just because of Hero Alam, then you kill Hero Alam. People with taste don't make people with taste. Because you will give oil to the oiled head.

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