Parimani gets happiness by lying next to him

 Parimani gets happiness by lying next to him

Porimoni announced her separation from her husband Shariful Razz almost suddenly at the beginning of the year. At that time he had to be criticized a lot. Parimani replied. He was married many times before. But the decision to marry Raj was important to her. Being important, Parimani was able to take decisions like becoming a mother. Shamim Mohammed Rajya, the only son of Raj and Parimani, was born last year. Parimani's life revolves around him since the birth of the state. Raj and Parimani have even started living together again after looking at the state.

Parimani shared many pictures with the state on social media. He said that if you sleep next to your loved ones, you will fall asleep quickly, get rid of depression, and increase your lifespan. Lying next to the kingdom, Parimani fell asleep very quickly. He got peace of mind. But there is no special sleep at night. Because the kingdom wakes up at night. Parimani was seen sharing pictures even in the middle of the night. Parimani shared a picture of Rajya breastfeeding. He even went to promote the film with Rajya. Parimani took the stage with Rajya on her lap to receive the best actress award at an award ceremony recently.

Last February 14, Raj and Parimani hosted a state dinner on the day of love. Parimani informed that the king gifted the boy with a golden bowl and spoon. On this day, the food of the state was consumed in those bowls and spoons. Besides, Parimani arranged to feed the needy children. He served food to the children with his own hands. But this is not the first time, Parimani has been seen celebrating her birthday with orphans before.

Parimani lost his parents in an accident in his childhood. He grew up with his grandfather. As a result, Parimani wants to give his son Rajya a healthy childhood.

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