Payal Patil's new series is eye-catching, don't forget to play it in front of the kids at home

 Payal Patil's new series is eye-catching, don't forget to play it in front of the kids at home

In today's busy world, people have very little time. In that situation, people don't always have time to stand and watch movies. And that is why the current generation is constantly leaning towards web series. They prefer to sit at home and watch movies or web series on their phones or TV. Needless to say, since the post-lockdown period, the number of visitors to Web platforms has increased manifold. And in that case, web platforms are also coming up with bold web series one after the other to keep their audience's mind. Ullu is one of those platforms.

Very recently the new bold web series 'Secretly' was released on 'Ullu'. Ever since the trailer of this series was released, there was a distinct excitement among the audience. But ever since the release of the series, the excitement among the audience has doubled. According to most, this series should not be forgotten and played in front of the elders of the house. There was a glimpse.

The story of this series revolves around a married woman. Who was not getting any peace either mentally or physically from her husband after marriage. He was busy day and night with cloth business. And for this reason, the woman starts looking for people to satisfy her emotional and physical needs. Meanwhile, he got a job as a secretary in an office. After that, the woman got involved in a physical relationship with the office boss. He also received expensive gifts. He was having a lot of fun with this whole thing. But suddenly one day her husband came to know everything and the story took a turn. What happened next! If you want to know that, you have to keep an eye on 'Ullu'. Note that the first part of this season was released on March 10. The next part is going to be released on March 17. Needless to say, since the release of this series, Payal Patil's bold avatar on screen has been the talk of the town. It should be noted that he played the role of the secretary in this series.

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