Priya Gamre and Ridhima Tiwari's sultry performances in these serials, Raat Ghum Udbe (VIDEO)

 Priya Gamre and Ridhima Tiwari's sultry performances in these serials, Raat Ghum Udbe (VIDEO)

OTT platforms are in huge demand these days Many people prefer to watch videos on such platforms these days. People prefer to watch movies and series on digital platforms. Some of these platforms are also increasing audience interest in bold content. Among these platforms are Ullu, Koku, Alt Balaji and many more. But here we tell you about the 5 most daring web series for viewers that you must watch.


This series is about Deor and Boudi's physical relationship. In it, the woman marries a man but eventually, her husband's brother starts liking her. Not only that he is attracted to her. Later they get physical and something unusual happens.


The series revolves around four individuals who face various complications in their personal lives. A couple lives together but both get involved with each other. The complication is caused by a character named Shekhar who runs away from his wife. Later her brother fulfills all the needs of her daughter-in-law. But, what happens next takes you to a whole other world. But among those who do, watch this web series on ULLU to find out the answer. The series stars Bharti Jha in the lead role

Bye Jalebi

This series also has some scenes that you might prefer to watch alone. Ullu's web series is now trending widely on social media. Actress Ridhima Tiwari acted in the first part of this series. On the other hand, Prajakta Dusen acted in the second part of this series. Also Ankit Patidar and many other actors are in this web series. However, one of the characters in this web series is Brijmohan, who is played by Rakesh Dubey. The story of this web series basically revolves around a maid who can do anything for money. The maid uses her body for her greed and lust and engages in physical relations with her master and others. Now watch this daring series at ULLU to know what happens next.

Spinach bouquet siskia

Palang Tod Siskiyaan web series revolves around an unusual relationship. It is based on the physical relationship between Bouma and her father-in-law Mr. Actress Noor Malvika is playing the lead role in the series and opposite actress Tarkesh Chauhan.

This series is about a girl and a mother. In this series, one day when Ma goes out for a party, her daughter Ananya asks permission to invite her friend Kartik home. But, Ananya's mother herself was actually in a relationship with Karthik. So later in the series you see, Ma and Kartik get physical even though Ma allows it.

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