Shakib at the settlement table, producer adamant


Shakib at the settlement table, producer adamant

Shakib Khan, the top hero of Dhakai cinema, is accused of multiple charges including 'rape'. Rahmat Ullah, one of the producers of the movie 'Operation Agneepath', recently submitted a written complaint to several associations related to film, including artists' associations, accusing him of various irregularities. Yesterday, the two sides sat at a table to resolve the issue. It is known that Shakib wants a solution but the producer is adamant.

The producer claims that Shakib himself has taken initiative and wanted to settle with him. On Thursday (March 16) from 5:00 p.m., this settlement discussion session lasted for an hour. But what happened in the end? When asked, producer Rahmat Ullah said, "We sat down. But the incident has not been resolved yet. But Shakib assured me through negotiation, maybe he will do the film or he will return the invested money. Then I told him, too old. Now I will not do the film. Then Shakib Khan himself said, "We will find a producer and finish the movie."

The producer claims that Shakib Khan is willing to pay the compensation. He said at that time, the amount of money invested in his movie is 2 crores.

Producers association leader Khorshed Alam Khosru was present in the settlement discussion. He said, 'Yesterday we sat for settlement from 5 pm to 6 pm. Our discussion has just begun. But no conclusion has been reached yet. The complaint was not discussed in detail. We will sit today. We will try to resolve the incident.

Earlier, producer Rahmat Ullah said in his complaint that Shakib Khan "raped" a female co-producer during the shooting of the movie "Operation Agneepath" in Australia in 2017. Then he fled to the country. The victim also lodged a written complaint with the Australian police against Shakib Khan. Rehmat Ullah claimed himself as a witness in that complaint.

It is to be noted that newcomer Siba Ali Khan was the heroine opposite Shakib in the film 'Operation Agnipath' directed by Ashikur Rahman. At that time, the teaser of the film created quite a storm on the internet. Although fans and viewers had a different frenzy around the film, it did not see the light of day again.

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