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Shakib's producer left the country with complaints

 Shakib's producer left the country with complaints

At present, two khans have conquered the whole country. One of the accused in the police killing case is Dubai gold trader Arav Khan. Another one is Dhakai movie superstar Shakib Khan. Australian expatriate producer Rehmat Ullah has made serious allegations of misconduct, false assurance and rape against this hero. Which led to intense discussion and criticism for several days.

Leaving Aarav Khan aside, let's talk about actor Shakib Khan. The top hero claims that all the allegations against him are false. And Rahmat Ullah is a 'deceiver and fake producer'.

Shakib Khan also went to Gulshan police station last Saturday late night to file a case against this 'alleged' producer. The next day, on Sunday afternoon, he went to the office of the Intelligence Branch (DB) of the Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP). In both places he accused the producer of lying. Shakib Khan also wants legal assistance so that this producer cannot leave the country.

On March 15, producer Rahmat Ullah submitted a written complaint against Shakib to the producers-distributors, directors, artists and cameramen associations. Then Shakib Khan and Rahmat Ullah sat in a restaurant in Dhaka on March 16 to try to reconcile the matter. Also present there were producer leader Khorshed Alam Khosru, actress Apu Biswas too. But there was no compromise, rather the opposite. As a result, Shakib Khan went to the police station.

Dainik Aum Samham has come out in search, meanwhile the producer Rehmat Ullah has moved to Australia. This producer from faraway Australia told our daily, "Shakib is saying, I am a fake producer - it is ridiculous." I have enough proof that I am a producer. And against the accusations I have made, not a single one is false. I'm talking to my lawyer here. I am deciding how to do it. I am coming to Bangladesh to fight legally in a few days. You wait for a few days.

When asked about the reason for leaving the country with complaints, the producer said, "I told you earlier that I have less time." I have several jobs in Australia. I have also told this to Shakib Khan and various film associations. I did not leave the country because of fear of anyone. I came to Australia for my work. And in a few days, you may be meeting with all the evidence. This time the fight will be legal.

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