Taslima Nasreen taunts Suman for calling her 'incapable in bed'


Taslima Nasreen taunts Suman for calling her 'incapable in bed'

Lyricist, composer and vocalist Kabir Suman has turned 75. He gave an interview to an Indian media on the occasion of his birthday. Kabir Suman talks openly about his life and sexuality in the interview. After that, Taslima Nasreen expressed her anger about the matter on Facebook.

Yesterday Thursday, Taslima Nasreen made a post on Facebook taunting Kabir Suman. He expressed his anger towards the singer. At the same time, this writer, exiled from Bangladesh, raised questions about his ideals.

Taslima writes, 'I don't call this Suman 'Muslim Suman', I call this Suman 'Hippocratic Suman'. I don't believe this Suman Allah Rasool believes in prayer and fasting. You can do whatever you want for this Suman interest. If he sees that dressing up as an Aghori or a Nanga monk will be of some use, or that people will be fooled and amused, he will do so.'

I don't understand, when journalists interview him, why no one asks about his relationship with Sabina Yasmin. In bed she is capable even at 75, why do you say this, to fool men or women?'

What was once the ideal of man? I doubt it. He was once a leftist. If the leftists were true, they would not have been so easily grassroots. '

He doesn't have a car. Many people want to prove that they are very honest people by saying such things. Many dishonest people don't have cars, but many honest people also have cars. Not having a car is a proof of honesty.

I think today, he didn't believe the lyrics of the wonderful songs he wrote and sang, he still doesn't believe them. Just as his talent in singing is unmatched, so is his talent in hypocrisy. '

'Again, remember how he sided with the Fatwabazi Jihadis of Calcutta who ran amok against me in 2007?'

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