Tasreef's eyes lit up as he composed himself and reassured the fans


Tasreef's eyes lit up as he composed himself and reassured the fans

Tasrif Khan has already said that he is suffering from facial paralysis. Some parts of his cheeks and lips were not working due to this disease. Because some part of the nerve is damaged. Due to which the face is slightly curved. Currently the left side of his face is not working. Left eye is also having problems. Slight burning sensation. When the news of the disease was revealed at first light yesterday, it spread quickly. Fans are shocked to hear this news of Tasreef. Because, some wrote fabricated things about his disease.

In that context, Tasrif Khan said, 'What I have seen, most of the news is correct. But misleading news has been published in some media. It is very painful for me. Please, don't spread confusion. Relatives and fans spread across the country are worried. Calling anxiously. I will tell everyone, pray for me.

For five days, Tasrif's face was crooked. Last Monday, he told Prothom Alo that he was consulting a doctor immediately after learning about the disease. When he spoke to Prothom Alo on Wednesday afternoon, he was going to Kalabagan for physiotherapy. He said, 'I am taking the advice of regular doctors. I am going to take physiotherapy today for the fifth day in a new physiotherapy center. I want to observe. After these few days of experience, the physiotherapy will be satisfactory, after that I will take this therapy regularly. Medicines will also go with it.

Tasrif said, he has to take physiotherapy once every day.

Although the parents were a bit worried, Tasrif himself assured them that everything will be fine. Because 95% of such patients recover with proper treatment. But it takes one to two months. Tasrif said that he is ready for all kinds of situations. He said, 'No one said it will be 100% better. This disease is scary. But I assure you, if proper treatment is given, the patient will recover 100%. That's the way I walk. I don't want to take the risk. With everyone's prayers, maybe I can recover even in a month.

Tasrif said on Facebook live late on Tuesday night, "You love me. I also share my anything with you. I want everyone to know. It's nothing to worry about. When I look at myself in the mirror, I try to convince myself that I will get better even if I feel bad. Now I can't laugh. One side of my face is crooked. I also think that many people don't have arms and legs, how many people are in trouble. But they don't stop. But they are doing great work.

Many songs such as 'Tai To Aylam Sagare', 'Rajar Rajyath Sami Golam', 'Ami Mane Tumi' released by Tasrif's band 'Kundeghar' have touched the hearts of fans and listeners. Tasrif told fans on Facebook Live, "I will be happy if my disease gets better." If not good, it's...all right. God knows best what will happen. The doctor will treat him. I will try my best to recover from the disease. People in danger than me are also doing much bigger work. Even if I am not healthy, nothing will stop me. I will do the way I am working.

The ever-smiling young singer's eyes lit up while addressing fans on Facebook Live yesterday. He stopped for a while and continued saying, 'Try not to spread confusion about the disease. In our country “A” to “Banana” and “A” to “Pigeon”—many things spread. Some wrote, my body is paralyzed. Some confused news led many to think there might be some other problem. Please don't write these.

Young singer Tasrif Khan went live on Facebook asking for financial assistance for the people affected by the floods in Sylhet in June last year. That live went viral instantly. At that time, he had collected more than crores of rupees and came to the discussion by standing by the people. He wrote a book called 'Bisher Banya' about that experience. Currently busy with his own music group. Besides, this singer is seen in various works for people.

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