The heroine's 19-year family was broken

The heroine's 19-year family was broken

The long 19-year marriage of 'Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai' actress Shubhangi Atre broke up. The actress said that she decided to divorce after a year of separation.

Shubhangi Atre told Bombay Times, 'The foundation of marriage is mutual respect, companionship, trust and friendship. We have achieved our distinction. But could not resolve the disagreement. I have been separated for the past one year. Both of us tried to save the marriage. But it didn't work. Let's decide to get a divorce.'

Good luck with husband

Deciding to divorce was not easy at all. Referring to that, Shubhangi said, 'It is still very difficult. Family is my first priority. We all want family around us. But there are some losses in life, which can never be recovered. If the relationship of so many years is broken, the stress will be created. This effect fell on me. Still we had to make this decision. Mental stability is required. I believe, adverse environment will teach some kind of lesson.

In 2003, Shubhangi tied the knot with a man named Piyush. After two years of marriage, a daughter was born to their family. He is currently 17 years old. Even if the marriage breaks up, both will share the care of the daughter.

In this regard, Shubhangi said, "A girl deserves love from both her parents." I will not deprive him of his father's love. Every Sunday, Piyush comes to see his daughter.


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