Two children in the lap, after 6 years of marriage, they know they are brothers and sisters!

 Two children in the lap, after 6 years of marriage, they know they are brothers and sisters!

They have been married for six years. In between, two children have arrived. But after that, there was a storm in their lives. Because the British couple recently found out in a medical examination that they are actually brothers and sisters!

The British media outlet The Mirror reported in September 2022 that the couple themselves shared their shocking story on social media.

However, their identity was not revealed in the report. They were separated from each other at a very young age. The husband claims that he was adopted at a very young age and does not know who his biological parents are. Brother-sister marriage is prevalent in many countries around the world. But after having two children, the husband and wife find out that they are actually brothers and sisters, such a case has probably never happened.

The man was separated from his parents shortly after birth, reports The Mirror. Another couple from the same town adopted him. After growing up, he fell in love with a young woman of that town. Then they got married. After marriage and even after having their first child, they did not know that they were brothers and sisters. Found out after the birth of the second child. At that time the wife fell ill.

Doctors said that he needs a kidney transplant. No kidney match was available among the relatives. This time the husband also tested. The doctors were shocked when the test results came. Because doctors are like brothers and sisters in their husband and wife.

Husband said, I was tested to see if I can donate a kidney. I knew it was impossible. Because we are husband and wife. But the doctors called me and said that a match was found.

Next, they also tested for tissue HLA (human leukocyte antigen). As a result of that test, it can be seen that the similarity between husband and wife is very high. Which is quite unusual, as it usually occurs between siblings. DNA similarity between brothers and sisters is close to 100 percent. And parents and children have at least 50 percent similarity. So in this case, the doctors claim that the husband and wife are actually brothers and sisters.

The person said no genetic disorder was detected in their children. However, they are unsure of what to do after they find out about their siblings. The British couple asked for advice from netizens.

Like most, they are married and already have children. So there is no going back. Besides, no abnormality was seen in the children. They are both healthy. So they should be good parents to children.

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